Asymmetrical and Bilateral Postural Extension Patterns

The concept of bilateral and asymmetrical postural extension patterns is routed in the science and methodology of the Postural Restoration Institute. Please refer to the following resources and references for more information on these concepts.

The ultimate place to gather information on postural extension patterns: Postural Restoration Institute

Correlating the ANS and PRI

“Critical Review of the Polyvagal Theory (Chapter 2 by Stephen Porges) with Extrapolations to the PRI Approach” By Heather Carr, DPT

Blog by Peter Nelson, undergraduate student correlating the autonomic nervous system and the Postural Restoration Institute approach using The Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges: 1.   and 2.

Essay by Bill Hartman, PT tying together PRI and the ANS:

General PRI concepts for starting out

1 Hour Podcast on  by Michael Mullin, ATC, LAT, PTA, PRC:

Excellent and Entertaining Reviews on PRI Courses

Blog by Zac Cupples, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FMSC:  : Recommend reading Postural Respiration or Myokinetic Restoration posts first.

Blog by Lance Goyke, CSCS:




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