There are many individuals who have inspired, motivated, guided, and supported me thus far in my professional endeavors. I am sincerely grateful for them and would like to acknowledge the following people:

My chief editor for the “Integrative Systems Model of Stress and Its Potential Clinical Patterns” is Lilla Marhefka, PhD, HFS, CES, CSCS, PRT  of  Movement Control Specialists, LLC . She has helped me tremendously with expressing these ideas in a clear and concise manner. Thank you Lilla!

Ron Hruska and the Postural Restoration Institute for teaching me to integrate 3 dimensionally across all systems in a lateralized alternating manner.

Julia Wray, DC of Cornerstone Chiropractic for hours upon hours of fabulous discussion regarding nutrition, holistic medicine, and much more.

Ellen Dickman for being an extension of myself and enabling me to have the time to be productive and creative.

My many beloved friends who support and still love me even during the times when I disappear into a blur of frantic activity.

My family and husband, Jan Neumann, for love, laughter, and lots of technical support!





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